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Suez Canal 40 cartons of cigarettes and threats to repeat history Ever Green

от подписчика

Dear Captains good day,
Two days ago, one of our vessels passing Suez Canal faced a bribery incident with the pilots lead to a navigation incident. Our Captain called us immediately and instructions given from the office. Kindly find below and attached the incident details as well as the actions taken/to be taken at all times:
On 05.12.2023 Vessel passed by Suez Canal with No. 17 in convoy from north to south. With 1st Pilots (Port Said) 05.12.2023 / from 08:00 LT to 09:18 Lt and 2nd Pilots (Transit) 05.12.202 3 / from 09:18 LT to 13:54 LT was have is very good relation and cooperation during his service on board without any unethical or corrupt demands for gifts.
Master was satisfied of their cooperation.
Bribery incident:
Pilots with embarked vessel time 05.12.2023 / 13:48 LT and disembarked time 19:06 LT strongly demanded 40 (forty) cartons of cigarettes "Marlboro" as gift from Greek nationality Owner/Manager of the vessel. Because all vessel's Greek nationality Owners/Managers must give to him gift as "tax" for passing Suez Canal due to this Pilot also have authority as Port State Control Inspector, he work as Pilot one day and have the rest next five days and have the chose which Greek nationality Owner/Manager vessel will pay "tax" by cigarettes to him.
Today they made a choice M/V_____________and I must to give to him 40 (forty) cartons of cigarettes
Captain rejected his demand and reply - we are member of MACN and can't give any gift as per Company Policy. After that Pilot remind me for the story with C/V EVER GREEN and she's grounding at Suez Canal due to Indian Captain on board don't give cigarettes for the Pilot and he began to threaten me to make same grounding with our M/V    if not give to him 40 (forty) cartons of cigarettes "Marlboro".
Master replied: if I give any gift, Company will sign off me from the vessel and I can't found job in future. Pilot advised he will insert my name to "Black List" of Suez Canal Pilot and I never more pass Suez Canal without detention of the vessel.
Navigation incident:
Also Pilot request to increase RPM of M/E to max Engine Power Limitation with UCK - 3,5-4,5 m and second Pilot non-stop checked color of exhaust smoke at all the time. With M/E all was Ok, but we have overconsumption of VLSMGO.

As result of this corrupt demands for gifts : if Master will not give to Pilot 40 (forty) cartons of cigarettes "Marlboro" and Pilot try to grounding vessel before disembarkation.
At the last moment Master rejected Pilot's command to the Helmsman and give to him other command with follow other from Pilot's course for avoid grounding the vessel. Please see attached "Photo1".
The 1st group of Pilots (Port Said) 05.12.202 3 / from 08:00 LT to 09:18 Lt and 2nd Pilots (Transit) 05.12.202 3 / from 09:18 LT to 13:54 LT was good professional and have good relation.
Pilots with embarked vessel time 05.12.2023 / 13:48 LT and disembarked time 19:06 LT accused me of lying regarding Gyro compass error. At place with side current he found difference between Gyro course and GPS course of 2.0 degree. But everybody knows - Gyro Compass Error - is difference between Gyro and True Courses.
We have Gyro compass error-0.1 degree only, see attached "Photos2".
Extra demand from Pilots:
When Master was privately discussed with Chief Officer about situation with bombing the city of Kherson by Russian occupation army at Ukrainian language, Pilot strictly forbade me to communicate to other of English language on the bridge, but Pilot at same all time have communicate with second Pilot on Arabian language only.
Actions taken - To be taken at all times:
•    Call DPA or Deputy DPA, if not available call the Marine Manager to report the incident immediately
•    Call the MACN helpdesk immediately
•    Upon disembarkation of the pilots, in case of such incident, stop the vdr and download the data to your computer
•    Same as above for ECDIS
•    Attached the letter in Arabic & English from Head of Navigation as agreed with MACN in order to expedite to the pilots in case of such demands